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Introduction LED

Features and Benefits of LED
The inherent features of LED decide it to be the best alternative to conventional light source, and provide a wide range of application.
Small size:
A LED is essentially a tiny chip ,about 4.5mm, encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, so it
can be extremely small and light.
Low Power Consumption:
Generally a LED is designed to operated at 2-3.6v,0.02-0.03A current, that mean, it needs no
More than 0.1w to operate.
Long lifetime:
Operating at a desired rated voltage, current and environment, LEDS enjoys a long life of up to 100,000hours.

High luminous efficiency and low heat emitting :
Due to the special materials that used to make LEDs, during electrons transition, LEDs mainly emit electromagnetic energy in the visible parts of spectrum, unlike the incandescent filaments heated, which emit a lot of electromagnetic energy in the infrared pat of the spectrum which can’t be seen but is felt as heat. That is to say .LEDs are of high Luminous efficiency and low heat emitting .The best LED in the market now emits 150LM/w, which is almost tenfold as efficient as an equivalent tungsten-filament light bulb.

Environmental protection:
LEDs are made from non-toxic material, unlike the fluorescent lights with mercury that will pose a pollution danger. LEDs can be recycled too.
The light-emitting device of a LED is completely embedded in an epoxy resin enclosure which is much more sturdy than the bulb and fluorescent tube;there are no loose and moving parts within the solid epoxy enclosure. This makes LEDs virtually indestructible.

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