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Parameter of typical LEDs

Parameter of typical LEDs

Color Chip material If(ma) VF(v) LPK(nm) LV (mcd) View angle
Red AIGanInP 20 2.0 620 1000-8000 15-1200
Green InGaN 3-3.6 525 1000-25000
Blue InGaN 3-3.6 460 1000-6000
Yellow AIGanInP 2.0 590 1000-9000
White InGaN 3-3.6 -- 1000-25000
Warm white InGaN 3-3.6 -- 1000-20000

LED lighting terms

Luminance A measure of the brightness or luminous intensity of light, usually expressed in units of Candelas per square meter (cd/m2) or foot Lamberts. 1 FL = 3.426 cd/m2. Unit: Gannet (nit)
Intensity Refers to the bright level of light, the luminous intensity per unit area.
Unit: Candlelight (cd)
Luminous flux The total amount of visible light produced by lighting source per second. Unit: lumen [lm]
Wavelength The changes of light color Strength can be described through data, we call this data wavelength. The light wavelength we can see is in the range between 380 to 780 nm. Unit: nanometer (nm)
Light efficacy Refers to the luminous flux divided by the lighting power source. It is an important indicator to measure the energy source. Unit: Watts per lumen (Lm/w).
Color performance Refers to the showing extent on objects of the lighting source, in other words, the real degree of color, usually called "color-rendering " Units : Ra
Glare When the lighting source color is the same as the radiator at certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is the color temperature of the lighting source, it describes the color of a light source by comparing it to the color of a blackbody radiator at a given temperature. Unit: Kelvin (k).
Protection level The IP level is described by two figures: the first one refers to the protection level against dust(from 0 to grade 6), the second against water(from 0 to grade8). Devices with a higher IP level keep the internal components safe and clean
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