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EL wire

EL wire, using the principle of electroluminescence ,after a breakthrough process technology to produce a revolutionary 360 ° continuous light flexible light, the light-emitting great affinity, no glare, no glare, and has neon effect, EL wire can be bent, any cut, you can easily create a variety of shapes. A multi-national patent, can be marketed around the world
Colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, fluorescent green, orange, purple, pink

To choose the diameter and the main parameters:

MODEL Diameter  Features
EL12 1.2mm 80V/4000Hz- 69.6cd/m² 100V/2000Hz -100 cd/m²
EL23 2.3mm 100V/2000Hz -98 cd/m²
EL25 2.5mm high bright 100V/2000Hz 127cd/m²
EL32 3.2mm 100V/2000Hz -98 cd/m²
EL35 3.5mm double core
EL50 5.0mm 100V/2000Hz -103 cd/m²

EL Inverter

MODEL Input   Output load for 2.3mm EL wire
EF-1.5V AAA x1=1.5v 0.5-1m
EF-IB8A CR2032 x2=6V  
EF-IM3 AAA x2=3V 0.5-1.2m
EF-4S AA x2=3V 1-3m
EF-IM5 AA x2=3V 2-5m
EF-9V 6F22= 9V 5-10m
EF-4S-5P AA x2=3V 5 x1m 5 output 8 model
EF-6V-3P 6-8.5V 3-5m
EF-2KMINI 12V 1.5-4m

1. Do it yourself.
2. Home decoration
3. Car decoration.
4. Home made signs.
5. Improves visibility for night jogging and bicycle riders
6. Party and event centerpiece. DIY


EL fleshing glasses RX-G018
1.INPUT POWER:2xAA Battery
2.Ultra-high brightness, the relative brightness of similar products to increase 20% -80%
3.70cm high-quality el wire (Multi-national patent, can be marketed around the world )
4.EL wire flexibility, bending resistance, and bending without black spots
5.EL wire colors :red, pink, blue, green, white, purple, yellow, Oranger, Aqua
6.Sunglasses FDA approved
7.Low-noise inverter
8.Flash and Constant
9.For Disco, Bar, Party ,Festival ,Dance hall ,Evening flash DIY

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