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LM28-S2 Low price Horticulture-LED Full Spectrum Samsung compared to 561H 301H LED plant grow light quantum board high efficiency high power

Description: RX-LM28-312-S2 Horticulture LED Module Medicinal plants grow lights, Compared with Samsung LM561H, LM301H lamp bead LED module, the unit price is reduced by 30-50%. using 312pcs 1W LED high efficiency lamp beads, a variety of LED combination medicinal plants dedicated spectrum, full spectrum, is the ideal medical plant planting lamp, after extensive practical planting, Can significantly improve the quality and harvest. Suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting, greenhouse planting.


RX-LM28-312-S2 Horticulture LED Module Medicinal plants grow lights


  1. 312 high-brightness 1W lamp beads, Derating for more reliable
  2. High efficiency plant light Horticulture module, PPF efficiency 2.6Ámol / J
  3. Aluminum substrate size: 11.25" x6.88" (286x175mm)
  4. Heat sink size K1 12.8"x7.9"x 0.7";
  5. Customize the size, power, spectrum, PAR output, PPFD output you need
  6. LED Module Input voltage: 32~37V, input current 1.5~3.9A
  7. Service life 50,000 hours
  8. CE RoHS FCC


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                          RX-LM561-312                                                                  RX-LM561-312-K1

 LM28-312-S2 high power, high luminous efficiency, low price

PPE 2.6µmol/J  PPF 138µmol/S  at 1.6A 53W
PPE 2.4µmol/J PPF 330µmol/S at 3.9A 139W

                  RX-LM28-312-S2    	                    VS	                         RX-LM561-312-S1
                  3.9A @35.7V 139W	                                                      	3.9A @36.3V 142W
                 22984Lm 330umol/s		                                                      24140m 344umol/s
          803Ámol/m▓/s @0.3m 56126Lx		                                      864Ámol @0.3m 60724Lx

 Design for balancing plant growth, 
horticultural full spectrum plant lamp module

                        RX-LM561-312-S1 Light Recipes                                                                       RX-LM28-312-S2 Light Recipes

 Contrast test LM561C LED & LM28 LED Testing report      
             RX-LM561-312-S1-K1 PPF Test                                    RX-LM28-312-S2-K1 PPF Test

            RX-LM561-312-S1-K1 PPFD Test                                  RX-LM28-312-S2-K1 PPFD Test

  Testing report

              RX-LM28-312-S2-K1 PPFD Test                                              Temperature test

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