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LM301H-Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional deep red more suitable for plant growth

Description:RX-LM301H Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red more suitable for plant growth, Applications: Horticultural lighting vertical farm indoor farm, Supplementary lighting greenhouse, Increased Deep red LED full spectrum, designed for balanced growth equipment, stimulates enhanced plant growth compared to Red-blue ratio narrow spectrums.


RX-LM301H Horticulture LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red more suitable for plant growth


  1. High efficiency plant light Horticulture module, PPF efficiency up to 3.1Ámol / J at 20W power
  2. Max Power: 70W
  3. Preferred spectrum based on plant growth experimentation in the lab
  4. Horticulture LED Light Engine LED linear Full Spectrum Additional hyper red 660nm more suitable for plant growth
  5. Length 2ft 561mm, Width 1.6 inches 41mm
  6. LED Module Input voltage: 30~45V, input current 0.24~1.6A
  7. Service life 50,000 hours
  8. CE RoHS FCC


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 Design for balancing plant growth, 
horticultural full spectrum plant lamp module

                         RX-LM301H-L56W4-S5                                                          RX-LM301H-L56W4-S6   
                                 3400K Ra91                                                                 Additional purple spectrum
                       General planting spectrum                                          4000K, high color rendering Ra97, R9=98
                    Suitable for most indoor planting                                                         Medicinal planting   


                         RX-LM301H-L56W4-S7                                                           RX-LM301H-L56W4-S8   
          5000K Ra95 sunshine light spectrum, an                                              5200K Ra92  High energy
      additional 660nmSuitable for succulent plants,                                        efficiency spectrum, high PPE
                    suitable for ornamental planting                                           2.8μmol/J @43W universal plant growth 

                      We can customize the spectrum you need according to your requirements. Plant planting lights, 
                              biological growth farming lights, if you need special light sources, please contact us.


 Testing report
                         RX-LM301H-L56W4-S8 PPF Test                                     RX-LM301H-L56W4-S6 PPF Test
                                     0.5A @40.5V 20W                                                              1A @38.9V 39W
                                     3.1Ámol/J                                                               2.5Ámol/J 410nm Purple spectrum

                        RX-LM301H-L56W4-S8 PPFD Test                                            RX-LM301H-L56W4-S5
                                    1A @42.6V 43W                                                  1A @38.6V 39W Temperature test
                       248Ámol/m▓/s Test height 0.3m 11.8"                                                 LF-GLD040YA 1A

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