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RX-A18-V RGBW 4 channel Bluetooth Controller Underwater LED Aquarium Light Submersible Fish Tank Light

Description:RX-A18-V RGBW 4 channel Bluetooth Controller Underwater LED Aquarium Light Submersible Fish Tank Light. High brightness, double the brightness compared to RGB color aquarium lights, more penetrating. Bluetooth RGBW LED Controller,It supports a color palette of over 16 million colors and also different tones of white light-from warm yellow light to vibrant blue light. The APP is with timer, music control and group control function and 20 built-in modes and DIY mode, Easily bring up the colors you need, Suitable for fish tanks Aquarium lighting!


RX-A18-V RGBW 4 channel Bluetooth Controller Underwater LED Aquarium Light Submersible Fish Tank Light


  1. RGBW Aquarium Lights, double the brightness (than RGB Submersible Fish Tank Lamp)
  2. Smartphone Control,16 Million Colors, Timing switch, Custom mode, RGB dimming color, white light dimming
  3. Waterproof IP68
  4. Highly Transparent PMMA Tube(Optional glass tube)
  5. Lifespan: 25,000 hours
  6. Warranty 1 years
  7. CE RoHS FCC




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Imaginative Fish Tank Lamps Controlled by Mobile App
Smartphone Bluetooth control 
20 dynamic modes for gorgeous effects 
Timing switch (need to be reset after power off)
 Optional 16,000,000 colors,providing more possibilities 
Colors can be selected from pictures more accurately


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Double the brightness, clear penetration of the water
The same camera shooting comparison test
            RX-A18-V-55 Full bright                                                  RX-A18-RGB-50 Full bright


Speak with data,integration sphere test comparison
  Professional test comparison
 A18-V-35 5.7W Luminous flux: 266Lm                                       A18-RGB-50 6.1W luminous flux 130Lm


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Safety without Leakage of Electricity
Koray uses a power supply that complies with the global safety standards, and the cost is relatively high. You can also choose to use the power supply without your own power supply. This may be cheaper, but please note thata good power supply is a safety guarantee. Please choose a power supply that meets the safety certification
High quality LED power supply wihich have passed
3750V high volt insulation test.
No creepage distance, can't pass high voltage test,
have high risk of electric shock.
Enough creepage distance for first class isolation
with high safety and high reliability.
EMC radiation exceeds the standard,dont't
meet safety requirements.


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Show your color and show the true vision
                                                                                                                              CRI=Ra97-Keep the Actual Colors
Guidance for high color rendering index:White-CW6000K (full bright), Red-58, Green-50, Blue-15 Color Rendering Index:Ra97; Color Temperature:6700 .Kindicating 97 color temperature 6700K
Note: The color rendering index (also known as the color rendering index) refers to the measure of the degree of color compliance when an object is illuminated with the light source and illuminated with a standard light source (generally using a standard light source of sunlight), that is, the degree of color fidelity. The color rendering index of sunlight is defined as 100, the color rendering index is also high, and the more realistic the object is illuminated


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Different time is short, the aquarium lights emit different light
Different mornings, different noon, different evenings,Different dinner time Scenes, change with you!


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20 Built-In Modes and Scene Settings


Excellent Quality and EXquisite Workmanship
  High Transparency PMMA Tube (Optional Glass Type)


Diving & Amphibious
  Waterproof Rating: IP68


Professional test report, Using data to
understand the meaning of light
Luminous flux and photosynthetic optical flux
PPF (EVERFINE HAAS-1200 integrating sphere test)
Illuminance data Illuminance and photosynthetic optical
density PPFD (lighting passport light testerALP-01,
plant illumination tester PLA-20 and otherhandheld
instruments, control tests to ensure accurate data)


Standard Sizes
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