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RX-G600T-500W High power Greenhouses Horticulture LED Medicinal planting lamp

Description: RX-G600T-500W High power Greenhouses Horticulture LED Medicinal planting lamp, Condensing glass lens, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,high light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparison with common grow lights. for various medicinal plant cultivation (dedicated light Recipe), Can also be used for high wire vegetables, vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, ornamental plant cultivation, succulent plant cultivation, medicinal plant cultivation.


RX-G600T-500W High power Greenhouses Horticulture LED Medicinal planting lamp


  1. 500W top light greenhouse medicinal plant cultivation Horticulture LED
  2. Condensing glass lens for higher reliability and weather resistance
  3. Samsung or German brand plant and plant special garden LED, PPF efficiency 2.5umol/J (Including lens loss and power loss)
  4. Derating the LEDs to improve efficiency and reliability, and derating the ELGC-300-M-AB power supply to increase service life.
  5. Optimize the plant spectrum to meet different plant illuminations or customize the spectrum you need.
  6. Waterproof IP65
  7. Input voltage: 100~305VAC, Power: 500W/G600T, 250W/G600T-1P
  8. Lifespan: 50,000 hours.
  9. Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC



 High efficiency and energy saving,Samsung LM301b
 led chip,add Ultra-high efficiency deep red 660 nm
PPFD up to 1446umol/m ²/s

 Testing report
RX-G600T-F28 230V PPF Output test                                                      RX-G600T-F8 503W 0.5m PPFD Output test
RX-G600T-F29 500W 0.5m PPFD Outpu test                                                        RX-G600T  Surface temperature test

 90pcs white LEDs + 4pcs 660nm red LEDs in one lens, higher light efficiency
              Total 1128LEDs 

 Glass lens design, high transparency, high temperature 
resistance, pressure resistance, good chemical stability, good water resistance

 Meanwell power supply, dimmable, waterproof, high reliability, 
3 in 1 dimming function (0~10VDC, PWM signal, or resistance) Input 100 ~305VAC

 Rasterized heat sink design, large-area heat dissipation 
effect, stepped power supply installation, effectively isolate the 
heat transfer of the plant light module heat sink to the power drive
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