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Provides wide wavelength from UV to FR (395nm~730nm) with high PAR output - PPFD/0.5m=505µmol/m²/s, which is ideal for medical plants growth. Choosing RX-GW45-3330330H-KD will be a great solution for grow tents and basements 420 cultivation.




  1. For medicinal plants happy cultivation in grow tents and basements.
  2. Patent Number: ZL201620887642.
  3. Lens + Reflector Cup, providing 100% higher efficiency and 50% uniform lighting.
  4. High PAR output, PPFD>800µmol at 0.35m.
  5. Fanless design with low temperature rise and safer operation.
  6. Suitable for stages of vegetation, bloom and harvest.
  7. MEANWELL HBG LED driver, providing 50,000hrs long lifetime (Ta≤25°C).
  8. Voltage: AC100~240V, Power: 120W, Waterproof: IP65, PF>0.9.
  9. CE RoHS FCC.


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