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Description::RX-GW45-50042 Koray Plant nursery grow light module, For plant seedling growth, Full spectrum, high color rendering, special spectrum for plant seedlings, ultra-thin thickness 3mm, waterproof, suitable for vertical frame plant nursery. Dimmable design, adjustable to accommodate different PPFD or shelf heights. Suitable for indoor planting seedlings, experimental planting.


RX-GW45-50042 Koray Plant nursery grow light module


  1. Vertical Planting tissue culture Cultivation Seedlings plant light module.
  2. Size: 500x42x3.5mm Ultra-thin, suitable for vertical agricultural seedlings.
  3. Dimmable design, adjust PAR output(Need extra dimmer).
  4. Silicone potting waterproof IP65.
  5. Light emitting angle 120.
  6. Optimize the spectrum for seedlings and customize the spectrum you need.
  7. Recommend using Meanwell power.
  8. Long life up to 50,000 hours.
  9. CE RoHS FCC.


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