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RX-GW45-580285 High energy efficiency 3.6umol per joule plant grow light module

Description: RX-GW45-580285 Vertical Agriculture plant grow light module, It is a plant crop-specific LED module. For multi-layer plant planting boxes and vertical agricultural planting. Energy efficient, Up to 3.6umol per joule; High power, the drive current determines the power value, Maximum power 150W, at 3.7A. suitable for vertical agricultural planting small vegetables and fruits, leafy vegetables, basil, vanilla, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., suitable for indoor planting, experimental planting.


RX-GW45-580285 Vertical Agriculture plant grow light module


  1. High PPF efficiency, 3.6Ámol/J at 26W R6B1
  2. Vertical Agriculture plant light module, suitable for shelf structure plant factory
  3. The illumination angle is 120░ and the illumination area is wide
  4. Optional lens 90░ or 60░ to increase PPFD
  5. Preferred light-recipe, suitable for most plants.
  6. Not waterproof, (optional Conformal Coated, or lens protection)
  7. Maximum drive current is 3.7A, input voltage is 27-42V
  8. CE RoHS FCC


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