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RX-GW45-AC120 Waterproof LED Grow Light

Description:RX-GW45-AC120 Waterproof LED Grow Light - New patent design product with unique lens structure, Different LED chips in one lens, More uniform spectral radiance, directional light with higher light utilization efficiency, More energy efficient than common grow lights. Silicone potting waterproof more reliable. Ultra slim 21mm, Large area of aluminum heat dissipation and Low temperature rise with longer life-time; Suitable for various of plant cultivation and especially for high-density shelf structure Plant Factories.




  1. Ultra slim for saving space, Lighting in plant factories with multi-layer cultivation systems
  2. Comply with the safety requirements around the world
  3. 100% flicker-free - Protect Your Eyes
  4. Unique lens structure, More uniform spectral radiance,directional light with higher light utilization efficiency; Beam angle 60 °
  5. Waterproof IP65, for harsh environments
  6. Preferred Plant Growth Full Spectrum LED to meet different plants
  7. Lifespan: 25000hours
  8. CE RoHS FCC


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