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RX-GW78-120Z-2H Dual-channel plant grow array lights

Description:RX-GW78-120Z-2H Dual-channel plant grow array lights, Designed for medicinal plant growth, CHA vegetative growth, CHA and CHB for Flowering and maturity, The channel A PPFD is up to 700Ámol/m▓/s, suitable for vegetative growth of medicinal plants, the light efficiency is up to 2.4Ámol/J, and the channel B is specially set with far red lamp beads for inducing flowering. The two channels are simultaneously opened, and the PPFD can be provided up to 1200Ámol/m▓/s rapid growth of medical plants


RX-GW78-120Z-2H Dual-channel plant grow array lights CHA vegetative growth -CHA and CHB flowering


  1. Plant grow LED Lights for vegetative growth and flowering of medicinal plants
  2. Unique lens structure - high efficiency concentrating, uniform spectral radiation, directional illumination, higher light utilization, PPFD increased by 10~30%, 600W equivalent to 700W
  3. Channel A, extra red 660nm, spectrum suitable for vegetative growth
  4. Channel B, additional dark red 660nm, far red 730nm, dedicated to flowering maturity
  5. Waterproof design, waterproof rating IP65
  6. Input voltage: 100-305V, Power: 600W
  7. New design, patented products
  8. CE RoHS FCC



 High efficiency and energy saving, Samsung LM301b led chip, 
add German brand 730nm

 Different LED chips in one lens, Spectral 
radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation,
 Higher light utilization, energy saving 10-50%

Vegetative growth                                       flowering                                       flowring stage

  Comparative test, test height 0.5M, cover area 1.2x1m; 
Koray lens reflector cup structure plant grow lamp, PPFD average, 
compared with of no reflector lens LED grow light, PPFD increase 17% 

RX-GW78-120Z-2H 50cm Contrast test
90░ Lens+Reflector cup average PPFD: 693.5Ámol/m2 /s          Beam angle 120░ average is 575.5 Ámol/m2 /s

  RX-GW78-120-2H Testing report

RX-GW78-120Z-2H-CHA 345W PPFD Test 0.2m                      RX-GW78-120Z-2H-CHA&CHB 588W PPFD Test 0.2m


      RX-GW78-120Z-2H Surface Temperature Test                             RX-GW78-120Z-2H-CHA&CHB PPF output Test


  Just add WIFI socket, you can realize timed 
switching power supply to achieve intelligent control 

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