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RX-LM301-12093-2H Double-channel medicinal plant lamp

Description: RX-LM301-12093-2H Double-channel medicinal plant lamp, channel A is dedicated to vegetative growth of medicinal plants, channel B is specially increased far red spectrum, used for medicinal plant flowering and medical component formation, using Samsung LM301 and extra deep red 660nm and far red 730nm Plant gardening LED, unique lens structure - high efficiency concentrating, higher light utilization, more energy efficient than ordinary plant lights, providing up to 1200μmol/m2/s @0.2m illumination, Preferred plant-Light recipes, Improve the yield and quality of medicinal plants.


RX-LM301-128 high PAR output grow tent medicinal grow light module kit


  1. Dual-channel LED grow module, channel A plant vegetative growth, channel A and channel B, for flower harvesting
  2. Concentrated light lens provides up to 1200Ámol/m2/s @0.2m illumination
  3. Forming an LED plant light module array by plugging and connecting
  4. Samsung LM301 and extra deep red 660nm and far red 730nm plant Horticulture LED
  5. CHA maximum power 2.4A@34V 82W; CHB maximum power 1.8A@31V 56W
  6. The recommended irradiation distance is 0.2~0.5m, which is suitable for greenhouses, basements and indoor light-free environments
  7. Long life up to 50,000 hours
  8. CE RoHS FCC



  K5 kit uses Meanwell HLG series power supply

                                        RX-LM301-12093-84D-K5  Recommended irradiation distance: 0.25m

   Testing Report

RX-LM301-12093-2H-CHA 1.6A@32.6V PPF output Test        RX-LM301-12093-2H-CHB 1.2A@30.1V PPF output Test


RX-LM301-12093-2H PPF output Test                        RX-LM301-12093-2H PPFD Test 0.25m


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