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RX-T8-2D LED interlighting module Grow Lighting for Tomatoes and cucumbers year-round production

Description: RX-T8-2D Low cost two-way lighting plant light, LED interlighting light tube system boosts high-wire plants yield during the darker periods of the year, with sideways-facing LEDs focusing growth-stimulating light on the most vital parts of crops. The original shaded leaves are re-used for photosynthesis, which stimulates the Growth potential of the plants and is suitable for the cultivation of tall plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and roses.


RX-T8-2D LED interlighting module Grow Lighting for Tomatoes and cucumbers year-round production


  1. Low cost two-way lighting plant grow light
  2. LED interlighting Module for high-wire plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and between the plants Fill light.
  3. Low temperature rise, surface temperature rise Tc 18░K, will not burn the blade.
  4. Waterproof IP65
  5. High efficiency 2.5Ámol/J
  6. The preferred plant light spectrum, Customize the spectrum you need
  7. Input: AC100~277V,PF >0.9, Power: 40W
  8. CE RoHS FCC


     The above data is for reference only! Subject to change without notice


 Testing report  

                       RX-T8-2D PPF output Test                                                        RX-T8-2DV PPF output Test


                RX-T8-2D Single-sided PPFD Test 0.2m                                             RX-T8-2DV PPF output Test

 0.2 m height, 18-point PPFD test  

                                                                           Test height 0.2m
                                                              RX-T8-2D Single-sided PPFD Test
                                                                   average value: 56Ámol/m▓/s

                                                                           Test height 0.2m
                                                                        RX-T8-2DV PPFD Test
                                                                   average value: 77Ámol/m▓/s

Electrical installation instructions:

1. When open the package, please check whether the inside is including product, accessory, label, certificate quality.
    And please as that that light is perfect without any damage.
2. The wires of LED Light is two-core, brown wire is live line, blue wire is null line.
3. LED Light will work when the voltage up to rated voltage, so please be sure the voltage within the requested range, 
    or it will damage the light which canĺt be repaired.
4. when the electrical continuity is connected, the lead wire should be in electric insulating The way of connect wire.





1.Led grow light housing insulation, if damaged, it is forbidden to use.
2. When connecting the wires please turn off the power, and check whether the wires are connected correctly. Never 
    connect the wires in opposite way, or the power should not be turned on.
3. Please keep the trip bolt being fastening and reliable, in case of the light fall down of looseness.
4. When finishing connect the wires, please use the insulation gummed tape to convolve the wires, confirm the 
    insulation and solve the waterproof problem.

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