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RX-G45-120H High efficiency DC input vertical agricultural plant light Gardening LED module


ARZ2L Tissue cultures seedlings cutting Horticulture Lighting LED Module Grow Light


  1. Each fixture covers 1.3ft*4ft(0.4m*1.2m), Economical nursery lights, easy to install and cost-saving
  2. PPFD 100~150µmol/m²/s, Hanging height 6"-10" , Apply to tissue cultures, seedlings and cutting(cloning propagation)and starter pots
  3. Compared to T5 and T8 is easier to install!
  4. Samsung LED, High efficiency up to 2.5µmol/J
  5. Lifespan 50,000 hours, Warranty: 3 years
  6. The maximum connections 10pcs (120VAC), 20pcs (230VAC)
  7. Input voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, power 36W
  8. CE RoHS FCC


Description: RX-G45-120H Version 3.0 Horticulture LED module, Indoor Agriculture - LED plant lights, Efficiency up to 3.0 umol/J saving energy 50%, 60D and 90D Newly designed patented product, unique reflection and lens structure - high efficiency concentrating, uniform spectral radiation, directional illumination, higher light utilization, energy saving of at least 50% compared to similar LEDs; means building your with fewer plant lights farm, It is especially suitable for plant factories with high-density shelf structures.


RX-G45-120H High efficiency DC input vertical agricultural plant light Gardening LED module


  1. Vertical agricultural gardening LED for shelf structure plant factories, home indoor plant farms
  2. 60D and 90D Type unique lens structure, uniform spectral radiation, lens + reflector, directional illumination, higher light utilization, Waterproof rating IP67 for harsh environments
  3. Type 90 adopts reflective cup method, PPF efficiency is up to 3.0Ámol/J (CC type)
  4. Preferred plant-specific full spectrum, higher light absorption rate
  5. Input voltage: DC24V, safe and reliable
  6. Service life 50,000 hours
  7. CE RoHS FCC


         Dimension:                                      Depth distance & Coverage:

                            RX-G45-120H-90                                                          Max PPFD intensity 50%

                            RX-G45-120H-90D                                                       Max PPFD intensity 50%

                            RX-G45-120H-60D                                                       Max PPFD intensity 50%

 Testing report

                   RX-G45-120H-60D-F22 1.7A PPF text                                     RX-G45-120H-90D-F22 1.7A PPF text

                RX-G45-120H-90-F22 1.7A PPF text                                         RX-G45-120H-90-CC-F22  1A PPF text
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