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Description: RX-G660 4 Channels Adjustable light recipe Greenhouses Horticulture LED Linear high-bay for commercial horticulture cultivation. Not intended for beginner growers or grows without CO2 supplementation, Four independent spectral channels, compatible with "Horti Guru" plant lamp control system, can adjust the spectrum you need, with high efficiency. Among them, channel 1, more blue photons, suitable for vegetative growth at seedling stage, channel 1 and channel 2, blue photons plus red photons, are suitable for later vegetative growth, with an efficiency of 2.6umol/j, channel 3 Independent UVA channel, increase plant active ingredients, dwarf plants, improve plant morphology, Color and taste, channel 4, IR channel, regulate flowering period and improve harvest.


Koray High Uniformity Tunable Spectrum Grow Light
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