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Description: XineLam Waterproof LED aluminum panel, With the top SMD LED, unique waterproof design, the world's first, holds several patents, has a slim, low temperature rise, waterproof, safe, reliable, long life; strength over 40,000 hours aging test; Around the world, more than 5 years practical application, to good effect. Mainly used for light boxes backlight, large-scale projects, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other high-end places lighting, a variety of power, in various sizes, you can also customize the size, the professional energy-saving lighting project.


LED aluminum panel
MODEL LED spacing Brightness/ m2 Comment
RX-ALF3528-33 33.33mm 6000Lm / m2 Standard lumen
RX-ALF3528-50 50mm 3000Lm / m2 Low lumen
RX-ALF3528-45 45mm 3770Lm / m2 Low lumen
RX-ALF3528-30 30mm 7540Lm / m2 Standard lumen
RX-ALF3528-25 25mm 10830Lm / m2 high lumen
RX-ALF3528-16 16.66mm 22770Lm / m2 high lumen
RX-ALF3528-X66 47.1mm 3330Lm / m2 Low lumen
SMD3528 Waterproof LED aluminum panel

TOP SMD3528 aluminum panel, More information: RX-ALF3528

MODEL LED spacing Brightness/ m2 Comment
RX-ALF5050-33 33.33mm 6100Lm / m2 With RGB
RX-ALF5050-25 25mm 27700Lm / m2 superhigh lumen
RX-ALF5050-16 16.66mm 55550Lm / m2 TOP lumen
SMD5050 Waterproof LED aluminum panel

TOP SMD5050 aluminum panel, More information: RX-ALF5050

MODEL Dimension Power Comment
RX-ALF5050-F075 Ø75mm 5W DC12V Smallest size
RX-ALF5050-F80 Ø800mm 130W DC12V Maximum size
Round Waterproof LED aluminum panel

Round aluminum panel, More information: RX-ALF5050-Fxx



>40000 hours test
Life-Span >>50000hours



A variety sizes
Max 600x600mm
Max custom sizes 1m2

Option LED Spacing



Full aluminum board

Luminous efficiency
100Lm/W DC12V
LED chip >130Lm/W

Test Time


  • LED Lattices/ shutter backlight - Low price of advertising backlight. RX-BKT
  • Non waterproof LED modules - 4 sizes of interlocking and connectable: RX-BKT28
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