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LED Aluminum Panel RX-ALF3528-33 Continuous aging test:


LED Aluminum Panel



  1. Large-size waterproof LED module
  2. No additional heat sink is required
  3. Can customize size you need, maximum 0.9x0.9m
  4. LED spacing options 16mm, 25mm, 33mm
  5. Optional: White, CCT, RGB, RGBW
  6. Standard size 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm
  7. Patent number: ZL200820131053, ZL200820132702
  8. lighting fixtures Light source, advanced advertising backlight
  9. Input voltage DC12V (Optional: DC24V)
  10. LED chip luminous efficiency: 150Lm / W
  11. CE RoHS FCC

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LED Lattice/Curtains


  1. LED Lattices/Curtains, low-cost advertising backlight
  2. Large area light source, can be curved surface installation,
  3. Soft film ceiling backlight, advertising backlight
  4. A variety of sizes to choose from, LED spacing 33mm, 41mm, 50mm
  5. Optional: White, CCT, RGB
  6. Patent No .: ZL201220134846.0
  7. Input voltage DC12V (optional DC24V)
  8. LED lights pearl effect more than 150Lm / W
  9. CE RoHS FCC

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Edge-lit LED Backlight Module LED EdgeStrip (BoxLED Side/ Posterbox)  

  1. Low-cost advertising light source
  2. Edge-lit LED Backlight poster light box LED module
  3. Poster light box light source, advertising light box light source, soft film light box light source
  4. A variety of specifications
  5. Ceramic high-power LED lamp beads
  6. Optional: White, RGB
  7. High light efficiency 110Lm / W
  8. Input voltage DC24V
  9. CE RoHS FCC

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Flexible LED sheet

  1. LED sheet light, flexible LED module
  2. One LED a group, Cut the shape you need
  3. Size 500x235mm, 500x240mm
  4. LED spacing 33mm or 25mm
  5. Patent No .: ZL201420249938.2
  6. lamps and lanterns, special-shaped lamps light source, advertising backlight source
  7. Input voltage DC12V (optional DC24V)
  8. LED chip luminous efficiency of 150Lm / W
  9. CE RoHS FCC

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4 sizes Module

  1. 4 sizes of interlocking and connectable
  2. High power, high brightness.
  3. Increase the TV lens, the world's thinnest rear-projection light box module, can produce 20mm thickness of the light box
  4. Slim light box light source, high-brightness light box light source
  5. Power Optional:106W /㎡, 320W /㎡
  6. High luminous efficiency, LED chip 150Lm / W
  7. Input voltage DC24V
  8. Patent No .: ZL201420368832
  9. CE RoHS FCC


Mini LED Strip


  1. The narrowest LED light bar for side-light billboards, ultra-thin panel lights
  2. Width: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  3. 2mm length of 403mm, 3mm length of 480mm
  4. 4mm length of 1000mm
  5. 3 LED can be cut
  6. Input voltage DC12V
  7. High color rendering Ra> 80
  8. High light efficiency, LED chip 150Lm / W
  9. CE RoHS FCC




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