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Flexible LED sheet

  • 2014 New flexible LED sheet
  • CRI > 80 Efficiency 108Lm/W
  • Ultra-thin 1mm
  • One LED a group,Flexible can Cut
  • Cut shape you need
  • Rolled copper FPC
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Can install Lens 160° light diffusion

Scope of application: LED Sheet, Flexible LED modules; High efficiency 108Lm / W @ constant voltage drive, you can cut and splice. Ideal for Light source, Backlighting for advertising, Blister words backlit, LED signs. Do your own energy-saving lighting project.


4 size LED module

  • 2014 New version, 4 sizes of interlocking and connectable.
  • Ultra-thin high-current connection terminals, thickness of less than 4mm.  Patented product!
  • MCPCB, easy to heat, to ensure long life, without additional heat sink.
  • High efficiency, high color rendering LED, Luminous efficiency Up to 120Lm/W DC24V,  CRI > 80
  • The installation of a 160° lens, 20mm depth achieved without backlighting hot highlights
  • Multiple splicing combinations, to meet a variety of lighting applications.

Scope of application: for variety of designs to be configured. Mainly used for light boxes backlight, large-scale projects, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other high-end places lighting, Ideal backlight-light source, also be used for home decorative lighting, Do your own energy-saving lighting project.


Aluminum LED panel

  • Top LED, energy-efficient light-emitting efficiency 110Lm / W
  • A full range of aluminum heat radiation, long-life
  • Integration potting resin, waterproof IP67
  • Maximum size of 900x900mm, ultra-thin, thickness 3.5mm
  • You can customize the size, shape, power and brightness
  • Years of practical application of proven, safe and reliable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Independent intellectual property rights, patent number:ZL200820131053, ZL200820132702
    Indoor and outdoor lighting
    Advertising light boxes backlight
    Engineering design of the light source

LED lattice Shutter (Blinds) LED backlight

  • Top LED, energy-efficient light-emitting efficiency 110Lm / W
  • Affordable, low-cost advertising light boxes backlighting
  • Can be installed in the circular surface; curvature installation
  • Advertising light boxes to replace the fluorescent tubes, energy-saving 60%
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Patented product
    Various types of advertising light boxes backlight
    Especially large-scale advertising backlit light boxes
    Note: The light box depth requires more than 9cm


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