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New products
  • A variety of specifications, a variety of sizes
  • WAGO2060 terminal, 2.54mm pin, high current patent terminals.
  • MCPCB, flexible circuit boards, FR4 circuit board.
  • Waterproof and not waterproof
  • LED bar, LED module, a variety of shapes.


  • CRI > 80 Efficiency 108Lm/W
  • One LED a group,Flexible can Cut
  • Cut shape you need
  • Rolled copper FPC
  • Can install Lens 160 light diffusion

New 4 size LED module

  • Ultra-thin high-current connection terminals, thickness of less than 4mm. Patented product!
  • MCPCB, easy to heat, to ensure long life, without additional heat sink
  • High efficiency, Up to 120Lm/W DC24V, CRI > 80
  • The installation of a 160 lens, 20mm depth achieved without backlighting hot highlights
  • Multiple splicing combinations, to meet a variety of lighting applications.

Free Flicker LED driver

  • 100% No flicker/No Visible Flicker/No Imperceptible Flicker.Digital cameras and mobile phones to take no ripples.
  • High power factor > 0.95
  • Rubycon long-life capacitors!
  • Constant voltage constant current LED drive power
  • IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Long life of 50,000 hours,
  • warranty 3 years

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