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LED panel

1.high-efficiency, low power consumption 10W/60x60cm (9.6V products)
2.waterproof design, waterproof to IP67
3. the appearance of fine, ultra-thin thickness of 3.5mm
4.full aluminum heat dissipation, low temperature rise, and strictly high and low temperature experiments, higher reliability
5.Long life: ≥ 50000hrs. (Temperature less than 2 ℃, effectively guarantee the LED life; more 24 hours continuous aging test, more than 1100 days)
6.Patent No.: ZL200820131053, ZL200820132702
7.Warranty: 3 years
Scope of application:

Apply to lighting, advertising signs backlight. Direct replacement of the same size of the ceiling(grid lamp), Advertising light box.


Aging test is more powerful, 24-hours of continuous work, more than 1100 days,More than two years of practical application, the customer was well

LED panel Material: Aluminum, Modified Epoxy, LED

LED panel Thickness : 3.5mm
LED panel Weight: 2KG / 600 x 600mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃~55℃
Standard LED light board lead: 5.5mm DC plug length 50cm
Size can be customized according to your needs



round corner led panel
Warm white 3000-3500k


LED panel on the back - full aluminum cooling


dc dc led driver
LED panel applications
led panel dc dc converter
DC DC converter EF-DC-2A driver LED panel

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